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- 2.25 din 4 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Customer service has been great in my experience. It is a lot of money to spend on candy but if I need to skip a box every few months they are awesome about it. The candy is different than what you c ...

pareri Nassau Candy

Nassau Candy pareri

- 3.60 din 5 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: The quality of the product is perfect. I am so grateful to have been working with a company that has allowed me to offer my customers best quality. ...

pareri Bake Me A Wish

Bake Me A Wish pareri

- 2.43 din 7 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: The cakes were amazing in taste ans since there was 3 small separate cakes they were individually packaged which was fantastic for storing them for later to eat. Great over all company. Glad we chose ...

pareri Just Candy

Just Candy pareri

- 2.33 din 3 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Perfect script and the overall quality of the wrapper was excellent. The candy bags are strong, zip lock (after opening), the candy is delish & the individual candy wrappings are precious. ...

pareri WH Candy

WH Candy pareri

- 2.00 din 3 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: I placed an order for candy bars for my daughters h.s graduation party. The order came quickly and the wrappers are exactly what I wanted. I would order with W.H.Candy again. They are great ...

pareri pareri

- 1.86 din 7 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Recently ordered some products from them and they sent me an open bag that was scatered all over the bags. i had to throw it away cause of covid 19. i could not take the risk. i felt like i threw my m ...

pareri Lammes Candies Since 1885

Lammes Candies Since 1885 pareri

- 2.33 din 3 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Very pleased. Would definitely recommend Lammes to anyone wanting the best candy and the best service. Thank you so much! ...

pareri zChocolat

zChocolat pareri

- 3.33 din 3 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Their product look very luxurious,nice packaging very enthusiastic . zChocolat offers an incredible range of chocolates and filings meaning there is still more to enjoy on birthdays, anniversaries, an ...

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