Pareri Education & Training

pareri Nine University

Nine University pareri

- 3.50 din 4 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: I really appreciate what they've given me and I feel like I can be successful because of them. I only wish that the information provided was a little more up-to-date or that there was an overview of w ...

pareri Fastweb

Fastweb pareri

- 3.33 din 3 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Before moving to fastweb I had some doubts as I read many negative reviews but then I decided to take a risk, and I must say that it was a positive experience, I applied through their website and with ...

pareri Elektor

Elektor pareri

- 3.33 din 3 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Elektor should find lower cost shipping for small items like USB flash drives. I am not sure VAT should be added to anything shipped out of EU. If Elektor made contents of this USB flash drive availab ...

pareri Boom Writing

Boom Writing pareri

- 3.25 din 4 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: This is unprofessional and cost me a grade. If they are not willing to provide the services they offer, they shouldn't be running it. Also, I am pretty sure this is a scam, so I will be notifying trus ...

pareri Creation Crate

Creation Crate pareri

- 3.00 din 7 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Each time I opened a case , I had to wait 4+ days for an answer, which was equally unclear. Finally, when I expressed frustration, they just up and cancelled my subscription because, I guess, they wer ...

pareri University of the People

University of the People pareri

- 3.00 din 5 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: I have not had any of the problems other people say about lack of communication- my assigned advisor gets back to me very quickly and a few computer compatibility settings issues were quickly resolved ...

pareri Domestika

Domestika pareri

- 3.00 din 3 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: I would have preferred the course to be in english or at least dubbed in english. It takes 2x of my time as i have to read as well as check what he is doing on the screen Didn't like the classes as th ...

pareri Lurn

Lurn pareri

- 2.80 din 5 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: It's a theory, they keep on repeating the same thing in all models. they just want you to pay over 5000$ for the coaching. ...

pareri PRO EDU Photography

PRO EDU Photography pareri

- 2.80 din 5 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Support is non existent, to the point if feels like a scam platform. Awful platform targeting photographers!! Stay away from this! ...

pareri Live Traders

Live Traders pareri

- 2.67 din 3 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Absolutely terrible customer service. They are all nice and good until you need a refund. I only signed up to test the trial to see what the service was all about and I didn't know that I would be au ...

pareri Interactive Trader

Interactive Trader pareri

- 2.25 din 4 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: After they take my money they just left you behind and when I contact them it's like a machine the e mail responded is repeat and repeat ,I contact my bank to block my card. ...

pareri CapAndGownDirect

CapAndGownDirect pareri

- 2.25 din 4 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Loved this product for a couple reasons! The biggest one is the timing. It was one of the only companies I found that would get it there by the date I needed it. It even beat out Amazon. Also it was t ...

pareri Springboard

Springboard pareri

- 2.17 din 6 pareri

Cea mai noua parere: Had emergency, tried to get a makeup session for feedback of only project. Advising and mentor ghosted me told me work would get handed back at next session. No responses. Then I finished curriculum w ...

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