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PriceWaiter saves you money by negotiating better deals for you on top-rated products - simply, quickly and privately. PriceWaiter focuses on negotiation to save you money and time to get you the best -- often exclusive -- deals - simply, quickly, and privately.

Why negotiation? Because it’s been extraordinarily effective since, well, the beginning of time, and especially since the beginning of trade. And with the advent of the most efficient market in history, negotiation needs an upgrade. PriceWaiter is that upgrade. For shoppers, PriceWaiter saves you time and money by negotiating better deals for you on top-rated products

- bad
Phillip Ganner, 2021-07-08

The price savings were not there in the first place. I would suggest using the direct vendor in-lieu of this service to avoid headaches. There is also no customer service phone number to reach Pricewaiter through.

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- Poor
Kailey Duanes, 2021-04-12

Came with a missing piece making it unusable. I contacted PriceWaiter but all I received from them is we received your request and will investigate. Nothing since then. So frustrating!!

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- Excellent
Norah Carter, 2021-03-23

Highly recommend this service. Arrived timely, was packaged beyond for safety, and in amazing condition. For the incredible price I received, I was amazed at the quality and beauty of this cabinet. So happy.

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- Average
Dean Warren, 2020-09-23

I asked for a return label and credit for my card after trying it for a couple days. So far I can get no response on the return label or the credit. This is the reason for the poor rating.

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